Next generation Design Software for 3D Printed Aerospace Components

The gap between the software and hardware capabilities in additive manufacturing poses an obstacle in taking full advantage of this disruptive manufacturing technology. We all know that 3D printed parts can reach unprecedented mechanical properties and heat efficiency, but now it is also possible to design these parts in a time efficient manner.

We can now explore many possibilities for complex-geometry, fully engineered and qualifiable for flight. In this presentation, new technology in engineering design software will be presented alongside examples of current advantageous applications.

A presentation by Alejandro Carcel Lopez, EMEA Application Engineer at nTopology.


Question 1: What drives you?
Learning something new every day, and then communicating it to others. That’s how I believe our society evolves in the right direction. This can be applied to any field; in my case engineering.

Question 2: Why should the delegate attend your presentation?
To learn how new software makes it much easier and much more accessible to design aerospace components for additive manufacturing. If you are curious about how to quickly design, analyze, test and qualify these innovative components then you should attend the presentation. Our software drives not only innovation, but qualified innovation and I would encourage all delegates to come discover.

Question 3: What emerging technologies/trends do you see as having the greatest potential in the short and long run?
On-going certification for aircraft fuel with 100% Bio-Aviation Fuel (BAF) is a highly promising technology for reducing emissions in the shorter term. Green hydrogen aviation will face extreme difficulties in terms of supply and infrastructure, but I’d love to see it happening in the long run. Plenty of exciting Electric Urban Air Mobility (UAM) projects as well will be happening the mid- and long run. I’m curious to see how far supersonic and hypersonic commercial aviation get.

One thing that is for sure is that to enable this exciting technology, we need to design and qualify lighter yet stronger parts. Additive manufacturing will be essential in many of these projects. Additive manufacturing’s evolution through improved quality and production rates will determine the percentage of components in an aerospace vehicle that are 3D printed. The good news is, one of the biggest bottlenecks, which is the gap between hardware and software capability, has now been significantly reduced.

Question 4: What kind of impact do you expect them to have?
A greener, more efficient, and more connected world, which is why I am in this business.

Question 5: What are the barriers that might stand in the way?
Aerospace companies need to truly invest in innovative projects, having a small R&D department that delivers nice prototypes doesn’t suffice. Efforts need to be made not only from an innovation perspective, but from a whole program perspective. From the top to the bottom we need to avoid being overly-conservative in qualification and certification processes, and to speed up the qualification of new materials and processes.

About Alejandro Carcel Lopez
MSc. Aerospace Engineer currently enabling high innovation in mechanical design for several industries with nTopology. Experienced in the certification and qualification of aircraft propulsion systems and structures integration, design operational reliability, stress, thermal and ventilation studies.

About nTopology
nTopology is a software company building the next generation of engineering design tools for advanced manufacturing.
Almost every physical object in the world starts in engineering software.
nTopology’s breakthrough computational engineering environment seamlessly combines synthesized geometry and simulation results into finely tuned manufacturing models. We help engineers create lightweight and optimized parts with their functional requirements built right in.

Alejandro Carcel Lopez will be speaking at the 2021 edition of th Aerospace 3D Printing Conference.

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