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acstyraACstyria represents a styrian network of +300 companies from the automotive, aerospace and rail systems sectors - with more than 70.000 employees and a total turnover of more than 17 billion €. The main purpose of the cluster – founded in 1995 – is the support of its partner companies along the entire value-creation chain. It provides a link between business, industry, research and public institutions. In the Aerospace sector, more than 80 ACstyria companies generate over 360 million € per year and employ more than 1.500 employees. The main focus is on cabin interiors, structural components, powertrain, materials and lightweight construction. For more information, visit
bavAIRiaBavaria is one of the top five aerospace locations worldwide that represent almost the entire aviation and aerospace value chain – from research to development and production to MRO and after sales services. Some 38,000 employees working for more than 550 companies generate a turnover of about 11 billion euro. Since 2006 bavAIRia e.V., located at the Oberpfaffenhofen Special Airport near Munich, is bestowed by the Bavarian government the responsibility to manage the Bavarian Aerospace Cluster. For more information, visit
hambur aviationHamburg Aviation is working for the aviation industry in the metropolitan region of Hamburg: Airbus, Lufthansa Technik, Hamburg Airport and more than 300 other companies with a total of over 40,000 highly qualified employees. Together they cover the complete life cycle of an aircraft and the entire value chain of aviation.
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The Moravian Aerospace ClusterThe Moravian Aircraft Cluster was established in 2010 as an association of aircraft companies having as a join objective the development of competitive aircraft industry. The Cluster acts in the region of south-eastern Moravia and the center of its activities is located in Kunovice where its important member companies have their place of business, i.e. 5M, Aircraft Industries and Evektor.
The Cluster consists of 51 industrial companies, aviation services companies and technical universities. More than 5000 people work in the participating companies.
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nag The NAG is the trade association for national and international organisations established in the Netherlands and active in aerospace & airport development. The NAG has more than 100 members who together represent 95% of the Dutch aviation industry’s revenue. The NAG’s mission is to continuously optimise the Dutch aviation industry’s ability to compete internationally. To realise this collective ambition worldwide, the NAG supports this sector through the development of expert knowledge, advocacy, access to the national and international market, and an extensive network. Because the NAG focuses on Airport Development & Infrastructure, Aircraft Manufacturing and Aircraft Maintenance, we are able to operate within the whole aviation transport system. For more information, visit
OSSA has nearly 300 member companies from different cities of Turkey and over 50 areas of activity for land, air and naval platforms.
OSSA, within the framework of cooperation to increase the competitive level of member companies, creates a significant synergies for encouraging in the fields of R&D, innovation, finding new markets, encouraging for international cooperation, providing competitive advantage, adapting to developing technologyies, improving of corporateness and quality systems, specialization, creating a roadmap for domestic and international production. OSSA continues its activities such as creating strategies specific to SMEs, organizing events to gain competitive advantages in Turkey and abroad, organizing delegation visits, domestic and international promotion, representation and marketing activities, press and public relations, technology transfer and joint projects within the scope of university-industry cooperation. For more information, visit
Manufacturing Technology Insights focuses on growing trends, consumer demands, and several technology solutions that are dramatically affecting the manufacturing arena. Manufacturing Technology Insights assists key decision-makers, including Chief Manufacturing Officers and Inventory Managers, in understanding the fast-changing landscape where robots are getting more sophisticated and becoming adept at performing complex tasks. Manufacturing Technology Insights increases organizational visibility and advises firms on the connectivity tools that can provide insight into production levels, inventory and capacity availability, quality levels, and order status from all their suppliers. For more information, visit

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