Metal Additive Manufacturing is media partner of Aerospace 3D Printing Conference

Aerospace 3D Printing Conference welcomes Metal Additive Manufacturing as media partner

About Metal Additive Manufacturing

Metal AM magazine is the leading news source for commercial and technical developments in the metal AM / 3D printing industry. Published quarterly in print and online, each issue features a number of exclusive in-depth articles and special features on metal AM, as well as our extensive industry news rundown. Each new issue of Metal AM, as well as the complete archive, is available to download free of charge.

Metal AM, or 3D printing, offers the possibility to produce complex parts without the design constraints of traditional manufacturing routes. Metal MA, also known as metal 3D printing, offers unrivalled design freedom with the ability to manufacture parts from a wide range of materials.

Components that would not have even been possible just a few years ago can now be made to high standards using a wide range of metal powders. No longer solely a prototyping technology, Additive Manufacturing is now being used for the production of series components for the most demanding applications.

Additive Manufacturing, also referred to as 3D Printing, is a technology that produces three-dimensional parts layer by layer from a material, be it polymer or metal based. The method relies on a digital data file being transmitted to a machine that then builds the component.

Aerospace 3D Printing Conference takes place on December 5, 2019, at RAI Amsterdam, during Amsterdam Drones Week. For more information about the conference and registration, we invite you to visit

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