bavAIRia e.V. is Industry Partner of Aerospace 3D Printing Conference

Bavaria is one of the top five aerospace locations worldwide that represent almost the entire aviation and aerospace value chain – from research to development and production to MRO and after sales services. Some 38,000 employees working for more than 550 companies generate a turnover of about 11 billion euro.

Since 2006 bavAIRia e.V., located at the Oberpfaffenhofen Special Airport near Munich, is bestowed by the Bavarian government the responsibility to manage the Bavarian Aerospace Cluster. In addition to encouraging cooperation among industry, small- and medium-sized companies, universities, research institutions and the political sphere, bavAIRia e.V. has the goal of supporting its over 300 members (75% are SME) with local marketing, advice and services. bavAIRia’s international pursuits stimulate and consolidate business contacts and it is involved in developing innovative applications and services through its contributions to national and international projects.

The Online Aerospace 3D Printing Conference focuses on current applications of 3D printing in the aerospace industry, proof of concept, challenges & future prospects. The topics include engines, interior, airplane parts, UAV/UAS, manufacturing tools, space, Maintence, Repair and Overhaul (MRO). The conference offers aerospace professionals the chance to learn about and to look at challenges / opportunities from different perspectives using 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing in their professional use. Don’t miss out!

3D Printing can and will change the aviation industry, companies such as Airbus and Boeing are already using 3D printing and if you fly in a plane in the next few years, you are statistically likely to be flying in one that contains 3D printed parts. Not only OEMs, and suppliers are applying 3D Printing, but airlines are seeing the potential and are investing in 3D printing capabilities within their own facilities.

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